Providing quality mental health care for three decades to the Puget Sound community.

About us...

 We are an integrated, multidisciplinary behavioral and mental health facility devoted to helping patients enhance their emotional well-being and change unhelpful life patterns.   Since 1986, Rainier Behavioral Health has provided the community with a multidisciplinary clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and certified mental health counselors.  We treat children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  Our clinicians are experts in their field and pride themselves on providing the highest quality clinical care.  Rainier clinicians are skilled and experienced treating behavioral issues including: depression, grief, anxiety, anger management, life transitions, relationship difficulties, job-related concerns, coping with chronic and acute medical illness, learning disabilities, PTSD, school and learning problems, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders. 

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'wonderful experience'

  "We had a doctor do an evaluation on our son and had a wonderful experience with him and the staff. His work helped us better understand what our child needs from a learning environment. I would go back and see him again in the future if we needed more support."

"relief was wonderful'


 "I came to Rainier Behavioral Health and found I was able to discuss my problems so easy and the relief was wonderful. I found that my doctor, in only the two times I was there, that I wished I could have had more visits."

'gifted therapist'

 "I could not be more pleased with my social workers efforts and my progress. Her approach is collaborative, empathetic, and comprehensive. She’s a clearly gifted therapist and I’m so appreciative she was able to fit me into her rotation. An easy recommendation. Thank you! The staff is great too. Super helpful."


   "...highly recommend and would recommend my doctor to anyone...or thing that has a heartbeat!! So glad my last Dr. was booked, and I couldn't see him because I ended up with one cool, compassionate and well-educated psychologist!"

'exceptional care'


 "I have been a client of RBH for 4 years and have received exceptional care from my doctor." 

'great place...friendly staff'

 "Great place with friendly staff. My doctor helped me recover from an abusive relationship and has helped me get onto the positive life path that I am now. I feel I owe a lot more than just the payments I made and a good review to this company. Thanks!"

'treated me phenomenally'

  I have been treated me phenomenally. My doctor treats me as a person, his energy creates a warm and safe environment free of judgement and gives you the impression that he enjoys what he does and loves to help people. He is very considerate of who I am and by that he gives me the impression of being culturally aware and respectful of all people. I've seen various doctors, but he is crème de la crème. 

'knows her stuff'

 My doctor is a bit more no nonsense, but she cares – she cares about how your medications are working together; she cares about how your life in general is going; she cares enough to make sure that you agree with the summary she's writing down. She printed out a ton of information on my medication conflicts on my first visit & has urged me to get a therapist for trauma when I had been procrastinating....that she knows her stuff!  

'really cares'

 From the moment I first talked to intake, I started to feel hopeful that I found the right place. To say that they went above and beyond is an understatement. They just really care and want to help. I knew that if things didn't work out with one doctor, they would help place me with another one. I just felt like someone was really trying to help me - finally. They gave me hope 


 The receptionist has always been perfectly polite and nice!

'really do care'

  So far, it's been my experience that the people at Rainier Behavioral Health really do care. ..


  She seems very strong in her decisions but is compassionate enough to listen to your strong feelings & consider them & work with you.